Key Contributor: RoseMarie Fitzpatrick

RoseMarie Fitzpatrick

RoseMarie Fitzpatrick had an amazing freshman season as a member of the Wake Tech women's soccer team.

Easily described as the heart and soul of the squad, RoseMarie started in 15 games and collected some eyepopping stats.

Here are a few of those stats and where they rank in the region for 2018

24 goals, 2nd in Region X
12 assists, 5th in Region X
60 points, 2nd in Region X

These stats earned her the honors of First Team All-Region for NJCAA, Region X in 2018.

There's more to the story.  Here's how RoseMarie and Coach Hanks describe her accomplishments in a conversation about the season.

Q: Coach, What has it been like to coach RoseMarie this season?

Coach Hanks: Rose has been an absolute pleasure. She is driven, talented, and intelligent in a way that doesn't overshadow her humor and kindness. She's a competitor and refuses to let herself and the team roll over, even when they are up against the powerhouses in the conference. Rose understands the weight of being one of the best players on the team. She handles the leadership role that her skill inevitably thrust upon her with class and a humble grace. Rose has done a great job of representing not only herself and the program, but the whole of Wake Tech and those that call this school home.

Q: RoseMarie, this is some pretty high praise.  Why do you give 110% every game?

RoseMarie: It's important to give 110% to the game because you never know when the last time you're gonna play is and you always wanna feel like you gave it your all. Overall I'm glad to have been with a great team and great coaches where we could play and also have fun and joke it was a great season!!

Q: Coach, how has RoseMarie contributed to the program this season?

Coach Hanks: Rose has been a revelation up front for us. She came on to the team in August and I could immediately tell that she was going to be special. Her touch, ball skill, and nose for goal make her a player that all coaches dream about. She has proven that players attending Junior Colleges can succeed in major ways. She is the first player in Wake Tech Women's Soccer history to be ranked in a statistical category--and she is ranked as such in three! She has drawn the attention of 4-year programs from the NAIA-level to NCAA Division 1. She was recently named to the All-Region squad for our conference as a 1st Team player. Her ability to play both as an individual and as a teammate has raised this program to a level it hasn't known in its history. She is part of a squad that has made resounding changes for Women's Soccer at Wake Tech. With her help, we will come back next year and make a charge at the Region X Championship.

Q: RoseMarie, it sounds like you are well on your way to playing at a four-year school?

RoseMarie: I think if I did decide to go to the next level it would have helped build my confidence each of the girls as long with coaches made me feel like I was doing good and helped me gain more confidence on taking players one on one.

Congratulations to RoseMarie for being an outstanding member of the Wake Tech women's soccer team.  We're excited to see her return to the line up in 2019.